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Masema was born by professional team of wholesale markets who have dedicated their professional life to mall management, retail development, marketing and managing financial accounts.

Masema offering services in several partner (investor, tenant, owner) as global manager able to carry out every task to concerning the commercial market: legal affairs, safety, marketing, administration.

Tenants and Owners are the biggest clients of our market and Masema is a full service firm able to follow them all stages of trade negotiations between the sides.

Our firm is able to manage big and little Mall because it shall be flexible and capable of adapting to evolving market circumstances. Good management is the basis for successful progress for mall, retail park, stand alone.

Masema was founded in Sassari in 2009 from two local entrapreneurs specialists in the real estate and retail market, Giuseppe Fadda e Riccardo Gianino.


Giuseppe Fadda, graduated in 1999 from the Economics Faculty of the University of Sassari, manager consultant of entire companies and holds shares in several italian companies with Riccardo Gianino.

Riccardo Gianino, graduated in 1999 from the Economics Faculty of the University of Sassari, since the same year he was a category manager of a grocery chain (SISA group). From that experience has been took on the role of shopping center manager fo several years in many cities: Sassari, Cagliari until 2009 date on which founded Masema Group with Giuseppe Fadda.


​This, of course, has something to do with their great knowledge and experience in the area in question. Today Masema is the only one firm in Sardinia specialized in real estate and retail market: actually is the only one company which is invited to partecipate to MAPIC twice a year.  

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